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Since my early twenties, I’ve dedicated myself to teaching body awareness through various means. Beginning with professional training in belly dance, pilates, and postural correction, I sought to understand the intricate workings of the human body. This led me to become a trained osteopath, delving deeper into the wisdom and management of our physical forms. In my quest for connection and self-discovery, I furthered my studies in earth dances, embracing their essence and wisdom. Professionally trained as a therapeutic yoga teacher, I focused on postural hygiene, hypopressive techniques, conscious breathing and harmonic chants, aiming to align mind, body, and spirit.

Now, at forty-one years old, having observed and experienced profound changes in myself and others, I have amalgamated my knowledge of osteopathy, yoga, hypopressive method and ancestral dances into a unique approach. This has resulted in the creation of 2 online programs over the past four years. The pandemic has taught us that online platforms can provide equally, if not better, opportunities for growth and transformation. Through my personalized 1:1 online method, I have been able to reach and assist individuals worldwide who resonate with my approach. These programs are designed for anyone seeking to explore the holistic benefits of my healing and liberation methodology, spanning from root chakra to kundalini consciousness awakening.

As conscious beings and creators of our reality, I invite you to reconnect with your divine essence and your inner goddess or god, and liberate yourself from suffering and all that no longer serves you.

Together, let us embody our true creative potential and inspire a collective consciousness that paves the way for a more loving, abundant, and harmonious world. Join our tribe of awakened souls and be part of the transformation!

Translator BeHarmony.net

Eugenia Esteva

Hi, I’m Eugenia. I work as the Spanish-English-French translator of BeHarmony. I’m a socio-cultural anthropologist and outreach coordinator, specialized in indigenous and emergent cultures who recognize care and interconnection as the ecological ground for restorative cultures. I am passionate about holistic healing, and its focus on treating the whole person: mind, body, spirit, and heart. Training with Laura transformed my life. With her, I shed limiting patterns, treated my trauma, reconnected with my body wisdom, and opened up my power and voice through chanting.

Can you imagine living with your pelvic floor and your spine in perfect harmony with the life that you deserve?
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I will guide you in uncovering the innate healing wisdom within your body, enabling you to mend emotional scars, physical discomforts, and mental obsessions. Together, we’ll identify harmful patterns lurking in your unconscious mind and I will empower you to break them down. We’ll delve into ancestral knowledge, strengthening you to take control and become the architect of your reality.

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